Beautiful Chengdu, Here We Come! 2023-09-18

Beautiful Chengdu, Here We Come!

On September 13th, Shangmei organized everyone to go to Chengdu for a wonderful 5-day trip.

In these 5 days, we saw cute giant pandas and panda babies; witnessed human civilization 3,000 years ago in the Sanxingdui Museum; enjoyed the magical Sichuan Opera face-changing performance; and marveled at the wisdom and skill of ancient people in Dujiangyan; Prayed for family members at Leshan Giant Buddha.

After this trip, the cohesion of all colleagues has increased, and everyone has relaxed physically and mentally. I believe that in the next work, everyone will be more united, and positive, encourage each other, and help each other, because we are together, is a big family!

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