Group Building Day! 2022-07-21

In order to welcome new colleagues, enhance team cohesion and strengthen corporate culture, Chaumet held a group building activity on July 12, 2022.

The group building content was camping, blowing in the cool evening breeze of the valley, around the warm yellow night light. We played games, ate barbecue and watched movies together. The sound of colleagues chatting and children playing surrounded the whole camp, and everyone who is usually busy not only stretched their body and mind in the nature, but also enhanced their feelings in laughter.

Chaumet’s team also celebrated the birthday of two colleagues on this day, we sang the birthday song together, smiles were written all over everyone's face, wishing them happy birthday and happy forever!

This group building activity is very significant, everyone gets completely relaxed after the compact work, old and new colleagues talk well, creating a united, active and progressive working atmosphere for all staff, and we hope the Chaumet’s team can continue to develop and grow!

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